A descendant of Pukapuka and mixed Cook Island heritage. Born and bred in Auckland NZ, Archie also lived 8 years in the Cook Islands.

Since his relocation to Brisbane in 2010, Archie has held various positions over a period of 6 years in the Pukapuka Community of Queensland including former President. The former treasurer of CICQ and Co-Ordinator (current) of the inaugural Te Maeva Nui event for the last 4 years, Archie continues to serve the community as an active board member at Booran Park Neighbourhood Centre and runs a community gym.

Archie is also an entrepreneur of over 3 years, acquiring the business he was employed by for over 6 years.

Besides devoting a considerable amount of time toward voluntary activity, Archies hobbies include, trying to DJ, cross-fit & weights, paintball and gel ball skirmishes, 4 wheel driving and outdoor adventures.

Archie Atiau - President